Who We Are

Pro Desossa started its activity in 2012, Rodrigo Moreira and Marcelo Moreira, two brothers, are the founders of this company. Two immigrants, coming from Brazil, with the dream of conquering Portugal, devoted themselves for many years to the work of deboning and cutting meat for others, in mid-2011 they began to think higher and the idea arose to open, the His own company, studying in this way the possible markets related to Meat, as well as the possible hiring of some collaborators who would have been his colleagues of work.

Pro Desossa arises with the need to make available its knowledge in the collection of labor and the reduction of business costs.

Its main business object is to provide services (outsourcing), slaughtering animals, deboning, deboning, cutting, processing and packaging of meat and products based on it.

Over the years, it underwent some changes, both in terms of physical and organizational structure. At this stage, besides the corporate headquarters in Rio-Maior, it also has offices in the North of the Country, more concretely in Vila Nova de Famalicão, where all administrative services are monitored.

Initially started with about 6 employees, and currently has about 90 employees.

In addition to working in Portugal, he also decided to invest in international markets, Spain, France and Belgium.

The commitment to the valuation of human capital in order to develop their technical, interpersonal and teamwork skills has greatly contributed to strengthening the trust and loyalty of their clients and partners.